SDBB – Duke 2017-18 Player Profiles – Justin Robinson

By Bermuda Bob

Justin is a 6’9″ 198 lb Forward who wears the same #50 as his father, San Antonio great, David Robinson. Even though he possesses an incredible wingspan, Justin easily fell thru the cracks by only appearing in 6 games thus far at Duke.

Justin first came to Duke as a “Walk On” because of his academic prowess. so for the 2015-16 season, he was Red Shirted.  Last year he was referred to as a Red Shirt Freshman but was an academic Sophomore.  This year he emerges as a Red Shirt Sophomore and an academic Junior.  Essentially, he will end up with a year of eligibility left after graduation, much like Sean Obi did this year, winding him up at Maryland.

Justin is the youngest son of “The Admiral” David and Valerie Robinson.  His brothers are Corey and David.  His father’s career in both college (Navy) and the NBA (San Antonio Spurs) are epic, and I’m sure Justin could recite them in his sleep, so I won’t bore you with them here.

“The Admiral” is a fixture at Duke games, especially those in Cameron.

Every Duke basketball fan I know has nothing but high hopes for Justin for this, and subsequent years.  He will surely get some still competition from the other upperclassmen, Jack White and Javin DeLaurier, at Forward.


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One thought on “SDBB – Duke 2017-18 Player Profiles – Justin Robinson

  1. Hi Bob

    One small edit – The admiral played for the NBA not NFL.

    You are doing a good job filling in for Ro.

    Countdown this coming Friday, I am getting fired up.



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