SDBB: 2016-17 Player Profiles – #2, Chase Jeter


Tonight, we continue our annual Player’s Profile marathon until we Countdown to Craziness, that will profile each and every Duke player on the roster…

So, here is Bermuda Bob’s Profile of #2 Chase Jeter …

I consider myself to be a very faire-minded person, who is willing to always look for something to laud a person for.  Occasionally there are players who disappoint, or who do not fulfill the reason for their recruitment.  Sometimes there’s a difference of opinion on a player, and other times it’s a statistical certainty.  I gave Chase Jeter the nickname “Butterfingers” last season, not because he reminded me of the candy bar, but because he was a total disappointment every time he set foot on the Court, and a statistical nightmare.

I think before I continue further, I think it’s important to  remind you that we promise to always provide honest and unabashed opinions without hate. So, what I say now is what I’d say to Chase or Coach K face-to-face.

Jeter represents why I think the ranking people are sometimes full of beans.  ESPN made him the their #11 Recruit, Scout called him their #15 Recruit, and Rivals had him at #16.  Was this based on information provided by his family, his coach, or who ???  They all were clearly flummoxed !!!

On a more humorous side, maybe, just maybe, once his father knew Duke was actively recruiting his son, he did everything to make him more attractive. Why, you ask ???  Maybe because it was revenge since Christian Jeter was a bench player on the UNLV teams that Duke beat back in the early 90’s !!!  What perfect revenge, eh ???

Last year, Ro commented that:

“So, if Jeter wants to stay on the court he will have to rebound, set screens and take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way to score. The better he performs, the more likely it is that his role will expand.”

Well, Jeter only played 254 minutes in 32 games, an average of just short of 8 minutes a game. Here’s why:

  • In 254 minutes, Jeter committed 19 TurnOvers, or one (1) every                      13.36 minutes on the Court …
  • In 254 minutes, Jeter committed 59 Personal Fouls, or (1) one                      every 4.3 minutes on the Court …
  • In 32 games, he had the lowest Free Throw Percentage (54.1%)                      than any other player playing 32 minutes or more …

So, every 2.44 minutes that Jeter was on the Court, he was either committing a Personal Foul or a TurnOver !!!   Do you see why I nicknamed him “Butterfingers” ???

Now, let’s be faire … Jeter also yanked 61 Rebounds and 62 Points in 254 minutes, so when he wasn’t committing a Foul or TurnOver, he was either scoring or rebounding to the tune of 3.84 per minute.  That’s a net positive, but the type more likely found on a team in maybe Division II basketball !!!

The aspect of his season last year that annoyed me the most was that Coach K kept playing him, while declaring that he had a “short bench” when he had Sean Obi and Antonio Vrankovic willing, wanting, and waiting for a chance to play, and not be a detractor to the team.

Jeter got a giant opportunity when Amile went down, but quickly proved that he was a liability, and not up to the challenge.  So, he had to settle on being a sub when Starters got into Foul trouble or needed a “blow.”

If I were a betting man, I would have put money on the idea that, after the season, Jeter might have been set down and told that he might be better off elsewhere.  That apparently didn’t happen because he’s on this year’s roster again, presumably because Coach K doesn’t want to admit that he recruited a kid who was a dud.  Considering that he has had 4 guys recruited and left, he could be doubling down.  On the other hand, it demonstrates that Coach believes he can make something out of Jeter.

Let’s sincerely hope so, or I promise to continue asking why Coach K recruited Obi and Antonio.  Instead of making Jeter a dead cert to start next year, he has seen Frosh recruited behind him with better chances to Start.  Let’s hope he’s getting an education !!!

We wish him the best of luck !!!


Thanks for reading !!!

Watch for our next introduction tomorrow …

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