SDBB: 2016-17 Player Profiles – #5, Luke Kennard


Tonight, we continue our annual Player’s Profile marathon until we Countdown to Craziness, that will profile each and every Duke player on the roster…

So here is Bermuda Bob’s Profile of #5, Luke Kennard 

Last year, Ro made a very insightful prediction on just how important Luke was to the squad last year when he said:

“Our Take … At the moment Kennard may be the odd man out, but given the opportunity he will flourish.   If he isn’t given a starring role from Day One, he will make his mark with the Duke faithful by season’s end.”

 Ro was spot on, as usual !!!

Luke was one of only 6 guys to play in every Duke game last year, averaging about 27 minutes. He shot 42% from the Floor, 32% outside the Arc, and almost 89% from the Charity Stripe. Once Amile went down, he became an integral player on both sides of the Court. Coming off the Bench, he contributed immediately, making his mark. In ACC play, and after Derryck Thornton left, he stepped up his game and matured wonderfully.

Luke comes back to Duke this season after apparently putting on 22 lbs of chiseled muscle, and apparently grew an inch since last year !!! It ought to give him a little more of an edge against opponents assigned to him. Last year he averaged a little under 4 Rebounds per game. His quickness and anticipation got him 34 Steals, which turned out to be 4th on the team.

The part of Luke’s game that I enjoy the most is that he is an offensive threat from anywhere on the Court. While many love it when a player can launch a Trifecta, it’s not often that a player can drive the Lane as well as “stop & pop” with the same aplomb. Luke is that guy. Some nights he’ll remind us of JJ Reddick (like Ro predicted last year), then other outings he brings back thoughts of Seth Curry, while still other times, he shows the grit of Bobby Hurley.

I know that Duke is flushed with talent this year, meaning hardly anyone is a dead cert, cementing their position. I think that whatever role Coach K puts him in, he will give it his all and flourish.

We wish Luke another great season !!!


Thanks for reading !!!

Watch for our next introduction tomorrow …

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