SDBB: Our Best Wishes to Coach K, Who Has Successful Knee Replacement …


By now, you’ve heard, like we have, that Coach K’s pursuit of becoming the “Bionic Coach” has moved to the next joint needing attention.  On Sunday, Coach had a Knee Replacement to add to both hips that have already been replaced.

The operation was a success inasmuch as the mechanics, according to the OrthoPod who did his procedure.

As someone (Bermuda Bob) who has gone thru this procedure three (3) times, please let me translate …

  • The new knee appliance was installed successfully … the rest is up to Coach K with the help of his Physical Therapists, and his wife, Mickie, because that’s who he goes home with !!!
  • Coach & Mickie will be in Hospital for 3 days so as to learn how to walk, set, stand, & get into a car … it sounds easy, but things we take for granted are new challenges …
  • Since Coach has gone thru the replacement of both hips, he will know and understand what’s ahead of him … plenty of dedicated and focused hard work !!!
  • Oh, and there’s pain medication.  I’m sure that with the constitution he will find no need for them soon enough …
  • Here’s something that’s not always made public … Coach K is Catholic.  Catholics kneel and genuflect all the time, something that many OrthoPods do not want you to do.  No to worry, we’re sure the Almighty will understand …

We extend our Best Wishes to Coach K & Mickie for an excellent and seamless recovery !!! 

God Bless You Both !!!






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