SDBB: Updating our Recent Story: “Why Are Duke’s “Beat Reporters” Afraid To Do Their Job ???”

SDBB - Update to Our Recent Article

To Our Friends, Readers, and Fans:

We thought it would be appropriate to update you after our most recent article (13th, March) after giving the folks involved plenty of time to respond.

FOR THE RECORD:    Immediately after we published our story, we e-mailed both “Beat Reporters” and their respective Editors.  We did so en masse so they each knew how faire we wanted to be.  Here’s what happened:

A.     We heard back from Steve Wiseman’s Editor, Bob Ashley, who understandably supported Mr. Wiseman.  We are happy he enjoys such support.

The problem was that the response from Mr. Ashley was snarky and insulting.  His response did not address the topic at hand. He was given an opportunity to clarify his comments by return e-mail, or even apologize, but he has not.

B.    We NEVER heard back from Steve Wiseman, Laura Keeley, nor her Editor.

Therefore, we offer the following postulations:

A.    It is apparent that both “Beat Reporters” are only interested in hearing their own voice in what they speak, what they write, or what they post on social media.

That means they are NOT interested in the Duke fan base !!!

B.     It is evident that they cannot take simple criticism, even when it is an honest query from the Duke fan base.

That makes one wonder about the credibility and integrity of their respective Editors, especially if they will not rein in their “Beat Reporters” for not being responsive to the people they are in place to report to !!!

C.     It is obvious that they worry about the perception of some sort of impertinence toward the programme if they were to ask probative queries.

That infers that the Duke programme is not forthcoming !!!  

We honestly wonder about that …

D.    It is obvious that they are not interested in defending what they produce in any format. What type of “Beat Reporter” blocks a “follower” when they get a question they don’t wish to answer.

That must mean that they cannot handle criticism.

In the end, nothing has changed to the detriment of the inquisitive fan base, so we continue our challenge to debate the issue with either or both “Beat Reporter” …

A debate with interested participants who believe they can defend their positions.

So far … the silence is deafening !!!


If, you the ardent Duke fan, believe that you ought to have full and faire access to these “Beat Reporters” inasmuch as they choose to post on social media, then we encourage you to let them know you demand full access !!! 

Tell them that if they can post, then they need to interact !!!

We suggest using social media, e-mail, or any other way you are comfortable with, but we urge you to have your voice heard !!!

Thank you !!


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