Simply Duke Basketball – Introducing Duke’s Frosh: #12 Derryck Thornton

SDBB - #12 Derryck Thornton

As Coach K’s Freshmen-laden roster prepares for their first exhibition game on Friday night against Florida Southern, we’d like to introduce you to Duke’s Frosh for this season.

We’ll do it by the numbers … jersey numbers, that is.

So here is Ro’s next Profile … #12, Derryck Thornton

Duke will have only one prototypical Point Guard on the roster this season, and that will be Derryck Thornton.  Thornton skipped his Senior year of High School, but he turned 18 last May so he should be mature enough to step into this role.

He is a quick player that can finish with either hand in the Paint, preferably on floaters, and has a very good midrange jumper.  He has great vision, but if his teammates aren’t aligned with him, it can result in multiple turnovers. 

Where does Duke need him ???

Duke has a major vacancy at Point Guard and they are hoping that Thornton is the answer. A Point Guard is very crucial, especially this season where there is a shorter Shot Clock.

Coach K didn’t exactly anoint his as a Starter at the recent press conference but Thornton is crucial none the less.

Who does he remind us of ???

Best Case Scenario:  Thornton’s biggest strength is his ball handling ability, which reminds us of Kyrie Irving.  He also is just as quick.  Irving only played 11 games for Duke, due to injury, but he was exceptional from Game One.

Worst Case Scenario:  Quinn Cook is credited for setting the tone for last year’s team, however his transition to college basketball was as fluid as a ship in bad weather.  Thornton will have to be good from Day One as the only Point Guard.

Conclusion …

Thornton will no doubt thrive best in a run-and-gun atmosphere and Duke certainly has the pieces for that. More often than not, opponents dictate to most college basketball offenses, which means there will be plenty of Half-Court Sets, especially in ACC play.

Thornton will have to learn fast as he is already behind, being one of the later arrivals on campus due to his finishing up the requirements for his early enrollment.


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Watch for our next Frosh introduction right behind this guy.

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