Introducing Duke’s Frosh: #14 Brandon Ingram

SDBB - #14 Brandon Ingram

As Coach K’s Freshmen-laden roster prepares for their first exhibition game on Friday night against Florida Southern, we’d like to introduce you to Duke’s Frosh for this season.

We’ll do it by the numbers … jersey numbers, that is.

So here is Ro’s next Profile … #14, Brandon Ingram

Brandon Ingram is the highest rated player in Duke’s 2015 Class, so there are some expectations that come with that title.  Standing at 6’9” with a wingspan of 7’3” he is clearly a physically gifted individual that.

Where does Duke need him ??? 

Duke needs Ingram to play to his strength, which is scoring.  Without Quinn Cook, Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones and Justise Winslow, the bulk of the Blue Devils’ scoring need to be replaced.  Ingram is a multi faceted scorer, in that he can score off the dribble, shoot the Three, or score in the Post.

Defensively Ingram should be able to be a lock-down defender. His foot speed is nothing to brag about but, with his length and reach, he should be able to either contain his defensive assignment, or recover in time to block or alter shots.

Who does he remind us of ??? 

Best Case Scenario:   Many have compared Ingram to Kevin Durant, who played Power Forward while he was at Texas.  It is easy to see this comparison and it has a lot of merit, as they are similar in measurements and size.

We do see a little of Luol Deng in him too. Both are of similar height, however at this stage Ingram has more range on his jumper.  Deng was a very good defender as well – something Ingram can aspire to, hopefully.

Jabari Parker was a much bigger player, but one can imagine that Duke will use Ingram in the same manner.

Worst Case Scenario:   Harrison Barnes had a good two seasons at North Carolina, but there were long periods where he just completely underwhelming, because what he could do, and was doing, was miles apart. 

Our Take … 

Duke will be a perimeter-based team this season and Ingram will be the star attraction.   Coach K says that Ingram has added 23 pounds of muscle, since he arrived on Campus two months ago, which should help in the Post.

There is currently no established go-to-guy, but Ingram should have plenty of opportunities to fill this role based on his raw talent, and the excitement with which his coach spoke of him.


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