Introducing Duke’s Frosh: #2, Chase Jeter

SDBB - #2 Chase Jeter

As Coach K’s Freshmen-laden roster prepares for their first exhibition game on Friday night against Florida Southern, we’d like to introduce you to Duke’s Frosh for this season.

We’ll do it by the numbers … jersey numbers, that is.

So here is Ro’s Profile of #2, Chase Jeter …


Chase Jeter is 6’10” and about 230 pounds and can play either Center or Power Forward.  He runs the floor very well and can finish plays around the basket.

Where does Duke need him ???

Duke needs a low post target to balance the abundance of outside shooters they currently have.  Seniors Amile Jefferson and Marshall Plumlee can score in the Post, but at this stage their consistency is questionable.

We expect Jeter to be given every opportunity to fulfil this role.

Who does he remind us of? ???

Best Case Scenario:   A quicker more agile version of Shavlik Randolph, who is able to stay on the court avoiding foul trouble. Randolph was a great Post scorer but a liability on the other side of the court.

Who remembers him going 6-for-6 against UConn’s front line during the 2004 Final Four game ???   Jeter has a similar length, better defensive awareness, and is no doubt much quicker.

Greg Monroe is another player Jeter is being compared to, though Monroe is a lefty.   The former Georgetown star was one of the best passing big men in college basketball during his time.   One can see Jeter blossoming into something similar especially with the talent Duke has on the perimeter.

Worst Case Scenario:    Josh McRoberts.

Our Take …

At the season opening press conference Coach K said that, “… low Post scoring will be more opportunistic than with Jah, where it is planned.”   So basically they won’t be running as much set plays to the Post as they did last season with Jahlil Okafor.   So, if Jeter wants to stay on the court he will have to rebound, set screens and take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way to score.   The better he performs, the more likely it is that his role will expand.

His Take …

“I just want to bring effort to the table,” Jeter said, “… running the floor, rebounding, scoring in transition, scoring in the paint, blocking shots.”


Thanks for reading !!!

Watch for our next Frosh introduction right behind this guy.

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