Who is Best to Succeed Coach K ??? Installment #4

SDBB - Collage - Mike White, Shane, & Bilas

Any conversation of candidates has to include what has become to always be called, “The Honourable Mention Choices.”  These guys have little or no substantial coaching experience, but have strong connections to Duke., so they could not be ignored.  

Here they are for your thoughts …


SDBB - Collage - Mike White

Mike White


This may seem like a nepotistic hire considering that White’s father is the current athletic director at Duke but that isn’t the totally the case here.  Yes he is mentioned because of his Duke connection but White does have a better resume than most of the coaches previously mentioned.  He spent four years at Louisiana Tech, with a winning percentage of .758.  He never made the NCAA tournament but an argument can be made for an At-Large bid each of his last 3 seasons, where he averaged 27 wins.  That is why Florida hired him as Billy Donovan’s successor at Florida.  If White continues to have the same success there, whether his father is the AD at Duke or not, he should be considered as a viable candidate.

Bermuda Bob:

Ah nepotism, I couldn’t think of a better reason to hire a guy to follow a living legend.  It would be different if he had been left a good team, but unfortunately, “Billy-the-Kid” left the cupboards pretty bare, except for former Duke hopeful, Alex Murphy.  I do not think he will be a contender right away, even in one of the weakest conference of all the elites.  He has a huge building process to go thru with absolutely no name recognition, making recruiting even harder.  I think if his father even put him on the list, he should be roundly criticized.

SDBB - Collage - Shane Battier

Shane Battier


Recently retired from the NBA, where he had success for several teams, and is known as more of a specialist player.  His is a similar resume to Kevin Ollie, who recently won a championship at UCONN in his first coaching job. Battier spent 4 years at Duke going from a role player to a star, add to that his current job as a respectable talking head, surely it is easy to envision that Battier might be successful on the sidelines if he chooses this career path someday.

Bermuda Bob:

Shane Battier is my all time favourite Duke player so it is hard for me to criticize his consideration.  He has succeeded at everything he applied himself to.  He made every team he ever played on better in short order. Unfortunately, that’s on the Court and in the locker room.   Shane is currently working for ESPN, and doing a good job.  I think he likes the latitude, flexibility, and the casual life.  He has not indicated that Mrs. Battier would like him to return to the Court, but this time in a 3 Piece Suit.  Maybe further down the road than Coach K has noted, but not right now !!!

SDBB - Collage - Jay Billas

Jay Bilas


It is well know that Bilas has a complete disregard for the NCAA, always using his Twitter feed to highlight some perceived injustice or the other by college basketball’s governing body.  Would he want to put himself directly in their firing line by entering into coaching ???  Moreover, would any program want to hire him knowing that their school may come under added scrutiny ??? 

Bermuda Bob:

I like Jay Bilas. He is smart, savvy, and scintillating with his ardent criticisms of the NCAA.  I think that in order for him to be considered, he would have to let it be known that he is interested.  If not, he won’t get even a mention, because he is arguable one of the best college basketball commentators, especially when he was working with Bill Raftery.  He makes whomever he works with shine.  I’d like to hear someone seriously pose the question to him.  I also have to wonder if he could give up his unique sartorial profile. Someone ought to ask him …

Thanks for the reading …

Next, we discuss some more Duke alums , so stick with us !!!

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