Simply Duke Basketball – “Ro on Recruiting” – Fixing Transfer Rules

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In this 3rd installment, Rowan Shiell takes on the Transfer issue from both sides that dominates recent recruiting news …


Does the NCAA really need adjust the Transfer rules ???

Currently, if a player wishes to change schools he has to sit out a year, however, if he can graduate in 3 years, leaving one year of eligibility, he can choose to play at another school and play immediately.

“No one is happy with the transfer rate, particularly in the sport of men’s basketball,” Kevin Lennon, the NCAA’s new vice president for Division I governance, said. “When 40 percent of your students are leaving after their second year, that’s a signal something’s wrong.”

Yes something is wrong, but it is not just the student-athletes who should be held accountable for this.

  • What about the coaches who continue to over recruit ???  
  • Shouldn’t they be held accountable too ???

Surely some punishment should be put in place if a coach has one too many kids asking for Transfers.

Coaches like Tom Crean, who continuously over recruits only to watch the lesser player walk out the door is indicative of the other side of the problem. Even Duke isn’t immune to this since.  Coach K has ignored certain players, so that he can showcase his “one-and-done” players, only to see them walk out the door.

In an ideal world, players should wait their turn while learning from upperclassmen how to play the game and conduct themselves off the Court, however …

  • When a Freshman is given playing time over said player how are they to behave ???  
  • Should they burn up their 4 years of eligibility being great practice players, or should they leave ???  
  • What if another freshman is given precedence over them ???

If the NCAA wants to adjust the Transfer rules they have to take into consideration that players attend college not just for an education, but to actually play basketball.  If opportunities aren’t available at their current school then they should be able to find such opportunities elsewhere, while continuing their education.

Coach Calipari was quoted as saying that Graduate Students should sit a year and waivers should be eliminated.  The same guy who already has a recruit ready to replace any of his prized recruits that is ready to go pro.

  • If said recruit doesn’t go pro what happens ???
  • Does he hang around Lexington and watch his minutes and production decrease in favour of a Freshman, or does he leave ???

 “You have one line of thinking that says when a student has earned their undergraduate degree they’ve earned the right to go wherever they want without any kind of NCAA restrictions,” Lennon said. “I think, unfortunately, what the data has shown is that people are transferring and they are not completing their graduate degrees because the vast majority of those degrees are two years.”

We need to look at why these student-athletes aren’t completing their graduate degrees.  Are they not doing so because they need to pony up for the second year, or do they just want to play and leave to pursue other opportunities in basketball when their eligibility is up ???

Gary Parish doesn’t think that there is a Transfer issue considering that the number of players that transfer are a miniscule percentage.  He also pointed out another angle to this issue, that Kevin Lennon hadn’t tackled or acknowledged in his press conference announcing his war on Transfers.  It is that some coaches do not renew scholarships after a year and the players are forced to transfer.

Parish highlighted a BYU player, Isaac Nielson, who was essentially shown the door by coach Dave Rose, after a season and a half on campus, and now has to find another school to continue his education while being penalised a year.

“He didn’t say anything about walking on [playing without a scholarship] or anything like that,” Neilson told the Salt Lake Tribune. “He just said it would probably be in my best interest to find another place to play. He said he kinda felt like we were on different pages. “I guess he thought he would be a bigger, stronger, low-post player, and I guess I like space, pretty much. I am a shooter.”

Clearly both coach and player were not a good fit, then surely they should both be allowed to move on without penalty.  We haven’t even discussed the issue of players who commit to a school only because of the coach in question only to see the coach get fired.


Recruiting Roundup

Ben Howland has continued his exceptional recruiting prowess when he lured top shooting guard, Malik Newman, to Mississippi State as of last Friday.

This leaves only two of the top recruits without a school, Jaylen Brown and Brandon Ingram. By the time you read this we should know which school, the latter player, who is a top target of Duke, will be going.

Dylan Ennis has trimmed his list to Illinois, Baylor and Oregon essentially eliminating Duke, who now have a Point Guard in Derryk Thornton.

Jayson Tatum, the consensus number one recruit from the 2016 class, has recently trimmed his list of potential schools to North Carolina, Kentucky, SLU and Duke. Tatum is a 6’8″ small forward.


2 thoughts on “Simply Duke Basketball – “Ro on Recruiting” – Fixing Transfer Rules

  1. Here is a look at a positive solution to one and done. NCAA allows 13 scholarships–should change to have scolarship stay with each player for four years. If player leaves, scolarship goes dormant for the remainder of four years. Would not harm player, but make coaches more determined to grow players. Would spread the wealth and not allow one or a few teams to be channel to NBA. Plan comes from my son David.

    Regards, Ed Puckhaber


    • Hi Ed, and Welcome !!!

      That’s and interesting approach. What I’ve never understood is why the NBA players and owners would want relatively immature players taking their limelight. To that end, I’d like to see kids in an MLB type of situation, where they can go to the NBA right from High School, or go to school for 3 years to mature and matriculate.

      Thanks for commenting !!!
      Rock On !!!
      Bermuda Bob


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