Coach K Reaches His 1000th Win Mark !!!

SDBB - Coach K 1000th Win Collage        

Today’s Article is by Bermuda Bob

Just before the beginning of the season, I profiled Coach K and claimed that college basketball could not have a better standard bearer, thus making him a modern day “Godfather of College Basketball.”

Today, while listening to all the well-wishers, from fellow coaches to past players to each and every person whose life he has touched, I heard the word “family” used so very much.  It reminded me of a quote from the first “Godfather” movie where the Don proclaims that:   “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”

So, it begs the question:  If everyone considers themselves part of Coach K’s family, then isn’t that the true measure of the man ???  I surely think so.   Especially when there is rarely a time when he is not with someone who considers themselves part of his family.

My writing partner and co-founder of this site, Rowan Shiell, hails from London.  When we met years ago my first pondering question of him was how he became a Duke fan.  He recalled a time when Duke came to London and he was just so impressed with the man.  Ro’s inclusion in Coach K’s “family” is why we say “Duke Fans are Everywhere” and I can assure you that his little son will grow to be a “family” member as well !!!

We can take each and every accomplishment Coach K has reached, all the honours he has been recognized with, and look at the plethora of trophies in Duke’s Trophy Case, but I maintain that they all pale in comparison.

Being the first to attain 1000 wins is certainly an accomplishment, and one which may very well be attained by a scant few others, but I maintain that having so many consider him “family” means so much more.

I know this to be true, because, while I have never met him, I too consider myself part of that “family” that started back when Mike Kzyzewski made me a Duke fan.

Thanks, Coach … and … Congratulations !!!

Rock On !!!


Contributing to our collage of everything about Coach K is another “family” member, Zoe Plant, who is also from the England, and transformed Coach K into a superhero.  

Thank you, Zoe, you’ve certainly captured him in a unique way !!!

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