“After Sleeping on It …” Thoughts After the NC State Game

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Tonight’s Comments by Bermuda Bob

Duke walked into a historically ugly venue, looking ugly in their black uniforms, and played downright ugly before 19,500 NC State fans who watched their team play anything but ugly.

In short, State outplayed Duke in every aspect of the game …

–         State shot 55% to Duke’s 37% from the Field …

–         State shot 62% to Duke’s 26% outside the Arc …

–         State blocked 10 Shots to only 4 by Duke …

–         State scored 87 points to only 75 by Duke …

Now the rest of the statistics for the game make it look closer than it truly was. State outplayed them in every sense that counted.  To me, there were 4 reasons why Duke lost:

THE PERIMETER defense was non-existent, and made State’s look effective.  In essence, Duke had plenty of great looks but simply couldn’t find the bucket if it were twice it’s size !!! It is an all too familiar nightmare for Duke fans.  Nothing can compensate when your shots are clanging and careening and finding no Net !!!

THE FORECOURT defense continues to allow way too many Back-Door scores, and other scores “down-low” simply does not deny the Baseline. State’s “Bigs” got it done on their side, but Duke did not.

Both Ro and I continue to wonder why Amile is getting abbreviated minutes, even not starting in this game.  The leadership of an upperclassman and Captain doesn’t help the team on the bench.

THE BENCH play of State was stunning. Duke’s was paltry. State’s Bench scored 23 Points in 59 minutes while Duke scored 14 Points in 44 minutes.  State out-rebounded Duke 13 to 9 … logged 8 Assists to Duke’s 3 … and … blocked 6 shots compared to NONE by Duke !!!

“PlumTree” #3 sat all but 5 minutes.  I kept wondering when he was going to (maybe) be tried to augment “Oaks” who was getting consistently double-teamed by a very physical 4-man rotation of Post players.  I understand that Marshall does not pose the offensive threat that “Oaks” does, but he HAS to be used more effectively.   Sitting on the bench while “Oaks” is having his game altered so effectively makes no sense to me, especially with Justise being moved to a perimeter-oriented Power Forward position.

THOSE BLACK UNIFORMS are both hideous and inappropriate for a team that calls itself The Blue Devils.  The official school colours are “Prussian Blue” and White. This is well defined in the university libraries.  We all know that Nike pumps tonnes of money into schools who wear their gear.  That does not give them the right to alter official school colours.  Why Duke allows this is beyond me !!!

In 1975, the iconic book “Dress for Success” was published and is considered the basis for the concept of “Power Dressing,” which is defined as dress intended to make the wearer authoritative and competent.   Showing up at an “away” game in something other than Duke Blue, and especially in a colour that embodies the absence of light, colour and verve, increases the opponent’s advantage on their “home” Court.

Furthermore, contrary to a prevailing thought that black makes one look “tough” is a misnomer. It simply sez that you’re trying to look “tough” like so many other teams who forsake, to Nike and other uniform manufacturers, their school colours as well. Duke is nothing of the sort.

I recently saw a reference that actually claimed that Duke’s official “away” uniform is black and the blue uniform is an alternate.  Really ???

Much lesser schools and even some Duke rivals would never allow such a thing to happen.  It has actually gotten to the point where they believe the black uniforms are cursed because they just don’t represent who Duke is.  I don’t know about being cursed, but I curse plenty at the beginning of every game they are worn.  Just ask my wife !!!

I’m hoping that Duke will get back to doing what they have been doing in the non-conference season when they come home to Cameron and meet Miami on Wednesday night.  They will need to demonstrate that they have straightened out those wrinkles in preparation for Louisville on Saturday.

Thanks for reading …

Please don’t be a stranger and tell us what you think !!!  

In he meantime …

Rock On !!!


4 thoughts on ““After Sleeping on It …” Thoughts After the NC State Game

  1. You are right I do not know why that do not use MP3 and Jah together in the game.. Practice dumping off down low to MP3 for a score in practice so it will work in game situations, Let Amlie sub for both of them. K has stated they could work together but he never does it. And why doesn’t he play zone sometimes when man isn’t working?

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  2. Thanks for the read and commenting, Mate !!!

    As I said, #3 is not a guy whose prowess matches “Oaks” on offense and is more known for those goofy Picks he sets way to far out for my liking. They are going to have to figure out how use him, thought, because when he’s in the offense changes drastically.

    As far as Amile, I think he needs to be on the floor more and both Ro and I wonder why he has not been recently.

    Lastly, the only Zone I know that Coach K plays – begrudgingly – is called “Orange” in homage to Jim Boeheim, who her learned it from during their time together for TEam USA. Maybe it needs to be as cold as it is in Syracuse in Durham if you get my drift !!!

    Thanks, again, Mate !!! Please continue to read us and comment … and tell you friends … The more the merrier !!!

    Rock On !!!


  3. It all comes back to one word folks, and that word is coaching. K is not the coach that he used to be. We see that our guards can’t contain anyone, Cook hadn’t been able to for 4 years, but K keeps running same system and our guys keep getting abused. Coach K is ALL of the problem, it’s just that simple. His unwillingness to mix things up defensively is the biggest problem we have. What Duke has shown over last few years is ability to make another team look great. I’m a die hard fan but sad reality is our legendary coach has been outcoached for a while. Definition of insanity folks is doing same thing over and over but yet expecting different results.


    • Hi Rob !!!
      You’ve touched on many of the unspoken complaints long-time Duke fans have thought but feared not speak. Since you identify yourself as a long time die hard, you get absolution from me for what others might consider blasphemy !!!
      Rock On !!!


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