“After Sleeping on It …” Thoughts on the Wake Forest Game

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Duke played Wake Forest in their Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum Wednesday night.  It was a curious game for Duke, who has played so much better before.  Ro Shiell and Bermuda Bob exchange some ideas on the what’s and why’s of the game “After Sleeping on It.”

Query #1:

What did you learn from the Duke-Wake Forest game ???

Bermuda Bob:                  The score does not reflect the game.  I was pretty disappointed in the Duke squad that showed up tonight.  The Box Score won’t reflect that they looked lethargic – especially “Oaks” even though he logged a “Double-Double” !!!  They committed 14 Turnovers and shot only 44% from both outside the Arc and from the Field.  I think what we learned is that they are still Freshman, who need more games like this one to become a tighter, tougher squad.

Ro Shiell:       I learned that just throwing the ball into the Post to Okafor has made the other Duke players complacent. Wake was ready for Okafor, even saving their best Post Player for the Second Half matchup with the Freshman. Okafor was able to score when Duke started going to the Pick-and-Roll sets. They have to learn to mix it up more. Just Posting Up the big guy and having the other 4 guys stand on the perimeter is limiting, especially if their best offensive rebounder is going to spend more time sitting with the coaches.

The biggest takeaway from this game is not to depend on any one player.

Query #2: 

Who impressed you in this game ???

Bermuda Bob:                  I’m going to begin to sound like a broken record, but Justise “The Chief” Winslow gets my vote.  His performance, which included 7 Rebounds, 3 Assists, and 2 Blocks while scoring 20 Points lifted Duke.   He scored from just about anywhere and his energy seems inexhaustible !!!    It was also Quinn Cook’s leadership that continues to provide a cornerstone for the team.  He, bolstered by the performance of Tyus Jones is a nice combination.

Coach K went with a different type of line up using more of Rasheed and Matt Jones and less of Amile, (18 minutes) almost as if he wasn’t feeling up to snuff.   Both guys performed well combining for 15 Points.

Ro Shiell:      Justice Winslow was “The Man” last night, though everyone else had their moments. Quinn Cook sealed the deal, that’s how the only Senior on the team should behave.

 Query #3

What are you thinking about, going forward ???

Bermuda Bob:                  I’m hoping to see more of the way they played against Wisconsin.  Being ranked #2 nationally, they have a giant bull’s-eye on their backs.  Teams will want to use games like Wake to learn how to beat them !!!  I’d like to see more of Grayson.

I’m worried that when “Plums” hits the floor, the flow stops because he seems more interested in setting those goofy looking Picks than Posting Up.  He’s great at follow ups, but his game needs to be more of an extension of “Oaks” to maintain continuity or the flow of the Offense looks more like a Globetrotter weave.

They have a pesky NC State Sunday and an underrated Miami next Wednesday.  I expect them to play as hard and as energetically as Wake did.  Duke needs these games to strop their game skills as the Conference Season has just begun !!!

Ro Shiell:      There is the old adage that “… if it isn’t broken don’t fix it,” which makes me hesitant to raise this point as Duke is currently undefeated.  In the last 3 games, Duke’s Defense has taken a hit, maybe it is due to the time off, but is it a coincidence that Amile Jefferson has played less than 20 minutes in those games?  Wasn’t he being toted as the most vocal leader on Defense at the start of the season, when they were blowing out teams, even if those teams were from smaller conferences?  

In every game where he has played 25 plus minutes, Duke has blown out their opponents except 2 games, Wisconsin and Connecticut. They definitely needed him in both those games. It isn’t an issue of early Foul Trouble, because he only had one Foul against Wake and 3 against Boston College.

He is one of my favourite players, so maybe those goggles are clouding my vision so I am going ask Bermuda Bob for his take on this.

 Bermuda Bob:                  I share your fondness for Amile from the first time I saw him.  We’ve seen him mature as he began to understand how to control his basketball body.  As I said in my answer earlier, I don’t have a clue as to why he is getting fewer minutes.  When Amile is in, he draws attention away from “Oaks” and gets some of those opponents practically hanging off of him. Of course, they don’t Amile gets the easy “chippy.”

Let’s hope this is a passing part of Amile’s season and just a way for Coach K to test Rasheed and Matt in the event Amile does have Foul Trouble.



2 thoughts on ““After Sleeping on It …” Thoughts on the Wake Forest Game

  1. Your comments seem to be a little on the negative side. Starting to second guess Coach K…. I want to see more of this guy… I don’t like the way this guy plays…etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Greetings and Welcome, Lowell !!!
    While we can’t claim not to be “Homers,” we always try to be as honest and candid as possible. Coach K puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else, so he has his good days and better days, but not always !!!

    I think if you continue to read us, you’ll find that while we love to win as much as everyone else, we try to be honest.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, and please tell your friends !!!
    Rock On !!!


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