Greetings to Duke Fans Everywhere !!!

May 15, 2012: Photos at Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke University, Durham, NC.

We welcome you to “Simply Duke Basketball” !!!

Our hope is to provide Duke Basketball fans everywhere with a portal where honest opinions about the team, the players, the coaches, and the season can be offered.

We only have two (2) requirements:

1.  Please be Polite !!!  The is no reason for anything else. Let’s face it, sport is entertainment and that’s what it is the next morning.

2.  No “Haters” allowed !!!  This is not to exempt fans of other teams, or people who disagree, but if you violate proper decorum, you will be asked to leave.

As you can tell, we are working out the kinks in order to be up and running efficiently for the season.

Until then, “Rock On” !!!

Bob & Ro

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